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About Us

We would like to say something about Vero, about who we are and why we are in the restaurant business and also about the goals we pursue.

The word “Vero” in Italian means “true”. We like to be creative but at the same we strive for bringing to our customers the true heart of the different cuisines of Italy and Spain and also from some regions of France.

Chef Jenny travels to Europe every year not only to learn from great European chefs to hone her skills but also to get thoroughly acquainted with the traditional cuisines from the different culinary regions in Italy, Spain and also France. As there is no such a thing as an Italian or a Spanish cuisine, the different regions of these countries – each one with their peculiarities – come alive here in Calgary through the magic of Chef Jenny’s cuisine.

Chef Jenny has a yearning to learn, always learn and never stop learning. She also visits the markets in order to learn and acquire new and traditional ingredients that have been very often forgotten or that are completely unknown in our side of the world. Chef Jenny also loves fresh and good quality ingredients. For example, our Burrata is imported from Puglia in Italy, our Jamón Ibérico de Bellota comes from Extremadura in Spain and our bottarga comes directly from Sardinia.

We only use fresh organic vegetables: Red peppers, tomatoes and sugar pumpkins from Broxburn, Organic Agria Potatoes from Poplar Bluff and Organic Pea shoots from Hotchkiss.

Our meats are also natural and organic: Natural Lamb from Driview Farms, Natural Ribeye from Black Apron Farms.

We use only Organic Vita Eggs and fresh seafood is delivered 5 times a week to our restaurant.

We only use Valrhona Chocolate for our desserts.

But the most important thing is Chef Jenny’s passion for food and her profound interest in great and unique ingredients which she loves to share with her customers. With every trip she adds new ingredients to her menus. Her face is always enlightened with a big happy smile every time she discovers good (known and unknown) ingredients in the markets and also every time she receives a delivery.

Vero also means for her that – no matter what – she stays and will always stay true to her passion for cooking. The slogan that she created ʺwelcome to my heartʺ it is also true (vero) and it means that her heart is present in all the things that she creates and cooks.

Vero has been named best restaurant in Calgary and fourth best restaurant in Canada by Trip Advisor. This is not the result of the opinion of a few people but of the overwhelming good reviews that she has received from the customers that has visited and enjoyed her restaurant, not only from Canada but also from different parts of the world who have passed through Calgary and have discovered Vero.

Prizes are a way of recognizing quality but the interesting thing is that Chef Jenny has not pursued those prizes. These prizes happened thanks to her passion for food and the sincerity of her heart and the spontaneous opinion of her customers.